When you first view an assessment's results, you'll be taken to the Findings page.

This page shows your assessment's status, together with a list of all security issues detected in your IAM configuration.


If your assessment is currently running, you'll see its progress here. You can also click "Run unscheduled assessment now" to force the assessment to run immediately.


By default, this display shows you all open findings. You can change this display with the top controls.

The left controls filter by finding age (that is, its first detection time):

  • All: show all findings

  • New: show only findings appearing in the most recent run

The right controls filter by finding status:

  • Open: show open findings (issues appearing in the latest run that are not manually ignored)

  • All: show open and ignored findings

Note that fixed findings are resolved automatically by P0 when they are no longer detected in your latest assessment run.

Currently, P0 does not display resolved findings. This is coming soon!

Monitor results

You can see all findings for a monitor by clicking "View" next to the monitor. This will take you to the monitor results page:

Each monitor results page shows details of the monitor itself at the top of the page:

  • The monitor name

  • The monitor severity

  • A detailed description of the monitor

Below the page shows the monitor's search query, together with all results for this query in the latest assessment job. You can filter which findings are displayed just like in the overall findings page using the monitor controls.

To learn more about how search results are displayed, see Query Search.

To view extended information for a single finding, click "view" next to a monitor result. This will take you to that finding's Finding Details page, where you can ignore the finding, or add business justification for the finding.

You can edit the monitor's severity, description, and query in the Settings page.

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