Microsoft Entra ID

Installing P0 on Entra ID takes about two minutes.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the ability to grant application consent requests. This ability is granted by the Global Administrator role.

Setting up Entra ID

  1. Navigate to "Integrations" on, then select "Entra ID":

  1. Enter your directory's tenant ID, then click "Begin installation":

  1. Click "Install integration". This will take you to Microsoft's site and present you with a consent screen:

  1. Check all items, and click accept. After a moment, P0 will read your directory and display the number of connected groups.

If you do not grant all scopes to P0, the installation may succeed, but certain functionality will fail at a later time.

Configuring Entra ID

  1. Select the directory field that contains each user's email address:

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