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IAM Assessment

Use P0's IAM Audit to identify security issues in your IAM configuration.
IAM Assessment is currently only available for Google Cloud users.

IAM assessment benefits

  • Combines IAM data from disparate sources, including your identity provider, your IAM policies, and your cloud access logs
  • Check for potential security issues in your IAM configuration, including unused accounts and privileged access
  • Evaluates issues based on risks of individual privileges, using P0's comprehensive open-source IAM Privilege Catalog
  • Gather data to perform access reviews for compliance controls

How it works in P0

P0 connects to your IAM systems, reading your configuration.
We then analyze your configuration for potential issues:
You can also query your IAM to find sensitive access to specific resources, specific risks, or more:

Get started with IAM audit

Getting set-up and running an IAM assessment on your own organization will take about 15 minutes.
To run your own IAM assessment:
  1. 1.
    Sign up for a P0 account at
  2. 2.
    Follow the instructions in Running an IAM Assessment.