⏱️Just-In-Time Access

Use just-in-time access to give tailored, short-lived privileges to specific resources on demand.

Benefits of just-in-time access

  • Reduce your IAM attack surface by only holding privileges when they are in use.

  • Grant access more quickly; the mean time between making an access request and gaining access using P0, including approval, is five minutes.

  • Request and grant access based on operations (like reading a bucket), eliminating the need to craft custom roles and policies, and preventing incorrect access grants.

How it works in P0

Once you connect P0 to your organization's Slack and an IAM resource, any member of your organization can request access simply by typing /p0 request in Slack. No further set-up is required.

Here's what it looks like:

Requests can be approved by managers, resource owners, or automatically by integrations such as PagerDuty. You can discuss justification for each request in Slack. Access requests, together with their justifications, approval, grant, and revocation histories are recorded by P0, and can be exported to your SIEM.

Get started with just-in-time access

Getting started with just-in-time access takes about 15 minutes. Simply follow our quick-start guide.

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