☁️Running an IAM Assessment

IAM assessments are currently available only on Google Cloud.

Follow this guide to install P0 for IAM assessments in your cloud provider and run your first IAM assessment.

Install for IAM Assessment

First, you'll need to connect P0 to your cloud service provider.

If you have P0 installed for just-in-time access, you'll still need to follow this step, as assessments require different permissions in your cloud provider.

Begin by navigating to your provider's integration page on the P0 app (after login to p0.app, select "Integrations", then your cloud provider):

Choose "IAM Assessment", then follow the steps on the app to install P0.

Make sure you have the ability to create custom roles and assign privileges in your cloud provider before beginning.

Running your first assessment

Now navigate to "IAM Assessments":

Click "New Assessment" to create your first assessment. Choose a useful name, an assessment frequency, and the object to assess, then select "Create Assessment":

Within a few moments P0 will start collecting data from your project:

Once the assessment job completes, click "View Details" to see your assessment's results:

Congratulations, you've run your first IAM assessment!

For information on how to view and use the assessment results, see Assessment Results.

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