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Installing P0 on Slack takes about two minutes.

Before you begin

Make sure you are either a Slack admin for your workspace, or have a Slack admin handy to approve your P0 app installation.

Adding Slack

  1. 1.
    On, navigate to "Integrations", then select Slack:
  1. 2.
    Click "Install integration". You'll be redirected to Slack's OAuth install page:
  1. 3.
    Choose the workspace where you want P0 installed, and select a channel where you want P0 to post.
The Slack channel you specify must be a public channel.
After you finish adding the Slack bot, your integration should look like this (just with your own information of course):
And that's it. You're ready to use p0 to grant least-privileged, just-in-time access to members of your organization!

Slack Settings

P0 can create and manage a @P0Approvers Slack group to automatically notify approvers when access requests are made.
If you want P0 to manage this group, you will need to configure Slack (in your Slack's admin settings page) so that anyone except guests can create and modify user groups.
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